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Cardamom Tea Premix

  • In addition, this is another one in our range of products. We have chosen the selected variety of cardamom. Cardamom tea is a deliciously flavored tea. It is perfectly blended Tea. This sweet and milky tea is known as elaichi chaa. We were using the original flavor for cardamom; consumers may feel their rich taste & aroma.


    Natural Cardamom powder, Instant Tea Powder, Dairy Whitener & Sugar.

    Packing Details:

    • 1 Kg Packing in Metalized Silver Foil with Laminated Pouch

    • Case: 1 Kg X 20.

    Other Specification:

    Number of Cups per 1 Kg 80 (100ml)
    Shelf Life 12 Months.

     Benefits of Cardamom Tea:

    The use of cardamom tea dates back many centuries ago and was record for its use in ancient folk medicines. The use of cardamom tea medicinally can help relieve upset stomachs, common colds, and there is even research that this tea may have an advantage in healing certain cancers. Aside from the medicinal benefits that this tea can boast, it has a unique taste that many consider favorable, making it a good brew to enjoy leisurely as well.