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Chocho Drink Premix

  • Considering the chocolate lovers, we came up with special blends of chocolates and other nutritional ingredients to give high satisfaction. Hot Chocolate Premix is one of the most preferred drinks offered by us. choco drink premixes are prepared using fresh beans of coco and are free from chemical preservatives, artificial flavors & colors. The taste of the choco drink premixes are perfect to rejuvenate the mind and as a result the body feels relaxed. In addition, this chocolate premix comprises a perfect combination of minerals, proteins, and vitamins. A unique blend of cocoa & sugar, this also makes a tasty drink for all seasons.


    Cocoa Powder, Milk Solids & Sugar.

    Packing Details:

    • 1Kg Packing in Metalized Silver Foil with Laminated Pouch
    • Case: 1 Kg X 20.

    Other Specification:

    Number of Cups per 1 Kg  80 (100ml)
    Shelf Life  12 Months.

    Research has shown that the consumption of hot chocolate can be positive to one's health. A study conducted by Cornell University has shown that hot chocolate contains more antioxidants than wine and tea, therefore reducing the risk of heart disease. Chang Yong Lee, the professor, and researcher at Cornell who conducted the study, revealed that larger amounts of antioxidants are released when the beverage is heated. The flavonoids found in the cocoa that makes up hot chocolate also have a positive effect on arterial health.