Brewing the goodness of green - Matcha green tea

The moment you rise in the morning, the first thing you look forward to is an energizing cup of tea that fuels your body with zeal and enthusiasm. A freshly brewed cup of Matcha Green Tea does it all! This leading beauty of the tea world has a captivating aroma that calms your mind and a flavour profile which invites you to explore more about the tea.

Basic Information About Matcha Tea

Matcha is a traditional Japanese tea which has recently gained immense popularity across the globe. Matcha comes from the same plant that produces Green tea, White tea, Black tea and Oolong tea – Camellia Sinensis . It is a unique form of green tea, but how? First, it undergoes through different process for its production, and second, it has a distinctive flavour profile. Talking about matcha’s production, it is grown in the shade for about 3 weeks before it is hand-picked, dried and ground into a fine powder, resulting in a soft and smooth texture. Since the whole leaf is ground to produce matcha, this tea is filled with adequate amount of chlorophyll, which gives matcha it’s bright green colour. Describing the flavour profile, this exquisite tea has full-bodied flavour. It is complex, astringent with unique vegetal taste and a lingering sweet aftertaste. Unlike traditional green tea, when you consume matcha you are actually consuming the entire tea leaf and therefore, ingesting health-enhancing nutrients simultaneously. Hence, matcha is considered as one of the healthiest green tea varieties due to the high concentration of antioxidants. The content of caffeine in matcha is strong enough to keep you moving throughout the day and subtle enough to keep you away from jitters of a caffeine rush. (An 8-ounce cup of matcha tea has around 70 mg of caffeine.)

In the world of different types of tea, this emerging beauty is all set to become the most loved tea category.

How to brew a cup of Matcha Green Tea?

To prepare matcha tea all you need is a scoop, whisk and a bowl. For a better experience, you can use the traditional brewing tools of matcha, which include:

  • A bamboo scoop
  • A bamboo whisk
  • A traditional matcha bowl

Step 1: Preheat the matcha bowl by adding some hot water and soak the bamboo whisk into it. Preheating helps in elevating the taste of matcha tea. And soaking the whisk helps to soften the prongs as they become hard when they are dry. A soft prong gives a flexible whisk.

Step 2: Take two scoop of matcha (i.e. approximately 2gm) using the bamboo whisk and with the help of a fine-meshed tiny strainer, sift the matcha into the bowl.

Step 3 : Add about 25ml of hot water at 75-80 °C and start whisking. Whisk the matcha in a zig zag motion vigorously until it dissolves the matcha and forms a thick froth. When the froth forms, rise your whisk to a level where it doesn’t touch the bottom of the bowl and whisk it again. Doing this helps in crushing the large bubbles and form a creamy froth like a cappuccino.

Step 4 : Add an additional 125ml of hot water at 75-80 °C into the bowl. Sip your matcha straight from the bowl to relish the traditional experience or simply pour it into your favourite mug and savour your delicious cuppa!

You can also brew matcha tea with your basic kitchen equipment. For that all you need is a bowl with deep surface, a whisk and a teaspoon. Follow the above mentioned steps and prepare a scrumptious cup of matcha tea!

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